Marketing Cases

Indian Clients
Our Indian clients cover the home furnishing, cooking utensil, tableware, kettle, water channel, pressure cooker and the other industries. Some of them have visited our factory and sign contracts with us during inspection. They have procured our punching machine, CNC turret punch press, pipe bender, welder, press brake, plate shearing machine and the riveter. Meanwhile, we have assigned professional engineers to assist clients in relevant installation and training.

Vietnamese Clients
The Vietnamese clients from the furniture, sofa, bed and the cabinet industries purchase our automatic pipe punching line, metal cutting circular saw, punch press, welder and the section bender. After that, the designated professionals provide relevant installation and training services for the clients.

South Korean Client
The client engaged in the electrical cabinet industry pays a visit to our company, after which they send us a pipe drawing to us for confirmation. Then, we successfully manufacture a machine that can produce 9m long pipes according to their requirements. Afterwards, the client provides us a sample pipe and we return with a batch of pipe moulds. The whole process of cooperation is very fluent.

Australian Client
This client has purchased the riveting machine from us before. After that, they need customized riveting machines and demand that the common single-point riveting should be changed into the double-point riveting. Our engineers devise a drawing according to the requirement, and after the confirmation of client, they place an order.

Syrian Client
This client procures 25 sets of ironworkers and 14 sets of grinders from us. These machines are used as the teaching equipment.

Ghanian Client
This is a listed company specializing in the mining industry. It purchases the press brake, plate rolling machine, drilling machine and the milling machine from us.

Other Cases
Clients from different countries Industry Purchased products
Mexico Energy Elastomer casting machine
Russia Polymer-C Elastomer casting machine
UAE Metal bars and pipes Band saw
Russia Petroleum and natural gas Band saw
Australia Medical apparatus and instruments Lathe
Oman Petroleum pipeline Lathe
Brazil Kitchen & Bath Riveting machine
Vietnam Precision engineering, Maritime rescue equipment Drilling and milling machine
Dubai Filter, damper Riveting machine