Plasma Cutting Machine

    1. Portable CNC Plasma Cutter If the transverse cutting range is within 1200mm, we call this equipment as a portable cutting machine. Same as the gantry type CNC cutting machine, it is applicable for workpieces with complicated flat surfaces. Generally, it is used for flame cutting or plasma cutting.
    1. Cantilever Type CNC Plasma CutterIt is applicable for plates in various plane geometric figures. You can use it for flame cutting, plasma cutting and fine plasma cutting based on the practical situations.
      It is small and exquisite, working stably and controlled by the 3D coordinate. It is commonly described as a CNC precision cutting robot.
    1. Table Type CNC Plasma CutterThe machine body, beam, column and the other key components are processed with aging treatment, thus featuring high stability and high precision.
      Both longitudinal and transverse movement are performed with the aid of imported precision linear guideway which has excellent guiding accuracy.
    1. Gantry Type CNC Plasma CutterThe rail spacing is differentiated in dimension from every 500mm or it can be customized.
      Each section of the rail length can be lengthened or shortened by 2m based on the specific requirements of customers.

The plasma cutting machine utilizes the heat of high temperature plasma arc to melt (and evaporate) the metal workpieces, Meanwhile, the momentum of high speed plasma will remove the melted metal. Thus, the aim of cutting is realized. The plasma is a kind of gas that is heated reaching an ultra high temperature and then is highly ionized. It transfers the electric arc power to the workpiece, so the high heat can melt and remove the heated workpieces.

With different working gases, this equipment is capable of cutting the metal that is difficult for oxygen cutting. Especially for the non-ferrous metal (like the stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and the nickel), it has amazing effects. It is mainly featured by fast cutting speed when the cutting thickness is small. For the common carbon steel plate, the speed is 5 to 6 times faster than that of oxygen cutting. What’s more, the workpieces cut by this equipment are highlighted by smooth cutting surface, small thermal deformation and nearly no HAZ.

The plasma cutting machine has become a common tool for modern industries. It is extensively applied to the electric power, petrifaction, metallurgy, shipbuilding, auto, architecture, engineering machinery, aviation and the other fields. For an instance, it plays an important role in auto and auto chassis manufacturing as well as construction works for cutting beams or metal plates.

This equipment can be configured with the power supply from American Thermadyne or Hypertherm or from other international well-known brands.

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