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Portable CNC Plasma Cutter

Functions and Applications
The portable CNC plasma cutter, capable of both manual and automatic cutting, works just like a semi-automatic trolley. If the transverse cutting range is within 1200mm, we call this equipment as a portable cutting machine. Same as the gantry type CNC cutting machine, it is applicable for workpieces with complicated flat surfaces. Generally, it is used for flame cutting or plasma cutting.

Currently, it is widely used in the auto, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, petrochemical, pressure vessel and the other manufacturing industries for plate cutting.

Performance Features
1. The longitudinal guide rail adopts the imported precision dual-axis linear guideway and the transverse guide rail is composed by the precision drive system and the aluminum sections, featuring stable transmission and high accuracy.
2. The portable CNC plasma cutter is configured with a dedicated industrial grade control system with high reliability and strong resistance against disturbance.
3. The programming is very easy. Manual programming for simple graphs and automatic programming for complicated graphs are available.
4. Document transmission and storage are easy and convenient. The connector supporting USB to 13RS232 is provided.
5. This equipment also provides dynamic and static graph processing display via a 5.7 inches LCD screen. The Chinese to English shift is available.

Technical Parameters
Item CNC1-1200 CNC1-1500
Input voltage 220V 220V
Power supply frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Rated power 180W 200W
LCD dimension 5.7" 5.7"
Effective cutting range X axis: 1200mm
Y axis: 2000mm
X axis: 1500mm
Y axis: 3000mm
Cutting thickness Flame cutting: 6-150mm, plasma cutting: Determined by the power supply
Weight 70.5kg (aluminum alloy)/104.2kg (steel)
Gas bleed pressure Max. 0.1MPa
Oxygen bleed pressure Max. 1.5MPa
Workable gas type Ethyne, propane, methane
Cutting mode Flame and plasma cutting

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