Water Jet Cutting Machine

    1. CNC Water Jet CutterComplying with CE standard, this equipment comes with highly stiff dual motor drive and heavy-duty support, and features stable transmission. The dedicated CNC system provided precise control. Besides, double cutting heads can be configured.

Overall Description
The high-pressure water jet cutting machine is an integration of high and new technologies available in machinery, electronics, computer and automatic control industries. It utilizes the cold-state cutting craft which is newly developed and features narrow and flat cut, fast speed, high efficiency, no thermal deformation, no burr and no pollution in comparison with the traditional cutting technique.

Besides, as it won't destroy the internal organization of the workpiece, saves materials, has high cutting automaticity and can be applied to various materials, this equipment has been extensively adopted by numerous industries.

Enjoying the reputation of all-purpose cutter, this water jet cutting machine is applicable for metallic and non-metallic materials as well as natural and artificial materials covering various industries as follows:
1. Ceramics, stones and other building materials
2. Glassworks, such as glass component of household appliances, decoration, craft glass, etc.
3. Metal plate cutting in the machinery industry
4. Label and art pattern cutting in the advertisement industry

1. This multifunctional cutter enables to fast convert between drafting and cutting functions.
2. Rapid positioning is available with few or without clamping devices.
3. Secondary processing is unnecessary because of high working precision.
4. The cutting speed is extremely high beyond your imagination.
5. The water jet cutting machine has no requirement for the grinding condition of tools.
6. It is safe to the operator and the environment for it works without the steam, dust, smoke or the open fire.
7. Through adopting the cold-state processing technique, material hardening and the stress are avoided for the thermal forming unit.
8. The sanitary processing craft dispenses with secondary decontamination.
9. In most cases, secondary processing upon the cutting surface is not needed for the processed workpiece won’ come with burrs.
10. The kerf is very narrow.
11. With rapid calibration and flexible processing method, this equipment is suitable for the mass production without any doubt.
12. This water jet cutting machine can best fit the CAD or CAM software.
13. The workable material varieties range from the ultra thin foil to 200mm thick or even thicker materials.
14. This equipment consists of three major parts, including the ultrahigh pressure water jet generator (high-pressure pump), NC processing platform and the water jet cutting head. The adopted high pressure system is from Accustream or KMT of America.

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