Drilling Machine

    1. Industrial Bench Drilling MachineIt is designed with the characteristics like small power, high accuracy, excellent stiffness, high speed, easy operation and maintenance convenience. Thus, the industrial bench drilling machine is also widely applied to the instrument, camera and the other industries.
    1. Vertical Drilling MachineThe motor has large power and the electric system comes with short circuit and overload protection devices. Thus, the operation is safe and reliable.
      Featured by multiple functions, this product is an ideal choice for single-piece and batched production.
    1. Radial Drilling MachineThe hydraulic pre-selected gear shifting mechanism is adopted for saving the non-cutting time.
      A series of actions like spindle forwarding, stop (braking), gear shifting and neutral position shifting are conveniently controlled by one hand grip.
    1. Light Duty Drilling MachineThe light duty drilling machine is suitable for boring, broaching and reaming the workpieces made of various materials. Commonly, it is used for repairing household machines and tools, or applied in the mechanical repair industry.
    1. Drilling and Milling MachineIt comes with remarkable performance and simple operation, much stronger than the machine tool merely driven by belt. Specifically, it suits to drill, broach and ream holes with the diameter of less than 31.5mm, or to tap the screw hole with the diameter of less than12mm.

The drilling machine is a universal machine tool with extensive uses, applied for boring holes on workpieces by utilizing the drill bit. Generally, the rotation of drill bit is the main motion and the axial movement of drill bit is the feed motion.

With a simple structure, this equipment is capable of drilling through-holes and blind holes. Through changing tools, it also enables broaching, spot facing, reaming, tapping or other processing crafts. It has become an essential device for machining small and medium sized components, machine manufacturing and various repair plants.

We provide a complete series of drilling machine, including the industrial bench drill, machine for both boring and milling, tapper, machine for both boring and tapping, vertical driller, radial driller, etc. These products are designed with reliable construction by means of superior manufacturing techniques. The high quality is well ensured for we are equipped with the advanced production and inspection devices. Besides, our considerate after-sales service is always highly praised by all customers.

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