1. Manual Surface GrinderIt is usable for grinding the workpieces with various flat surfaces or complicated surfaces by utilizing the abrasion wheel. It is especially suitable for the abrasive machining that does not need mechanical feed.
      The permanent magnetic chuck or the electric magnetic chuck can be configured based on specific requirements.
    1. Electric Surface GrinderWith the aid of abrasion wheel, this equipment enables to grind the workpieces with flat or various complicated surfaces. It is especially suitable for the abrasive machining without mechanical feed.
      According to your requirement, we can configure the electric surface grinder with the permanent magnetic chuck or the electric magnetic chuck.
    1. Hydraulic Surface GrinderThe transverse motion of working table is hydraulically driven and the front and back electric devices are optionally provided upon the specific requirement.
      The P4 grade precision rolling bearing is adopted as the spindle bearing. The spindle is equipped with a labyrinth seal.

The grinder is used for processing workpieces requiring high surface quality by utilizing the high-speed rotary grinding wheel or the other abrasive tools. It works abiding by certain back engagement of cutting edge (also known as cutting depth).

According to the surface shapes of workpieces as well as the relative motion between the grinding wheel and the workpieces, grinding is divided into several types, including the external type, internal type, plane type, centerless type, etc. This grinding machine is also capable of grinding cams, threads, gears and other components.

By using this grinder, excellent smoothness of workpieces can be obtained. The working table is optionally available in rectangular or round shape. The key parameters of the grinding machine with rectangular working table are the width and length of working table. By contrast, the surface diameter of working table is the main parameter for the grinding machine with round working table.

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