Shaping Machine

    1. Hydraulic Shaping MachineThanks to the hydraulic overload protection device, this shaper has the merits like stable transmission, small over travel as well as reliable and flexible start and stop.
      The machine body features high stiffness and large cutting capacity. The maximal cutting capacity is up to 28000N.
    1. NC Profile Shaping MachineEquipped with a ball screw, it is a futuramic precision planer adopting the NC linkage system. Its existence tremendously expands the working range of planing craft for it is capable of processing irregular workpieces difficult for the machining center or the CNC milling equipment
    1. Shaping MachineThe main cutting motion is the rectilinear motion converted from the circular motion of gear via the handle and slider mechanism.
      The whole equipment is featured by steady transmission, small over travel, saving the energy as well as flexible start and stop.
    1. Traverse Traveling Head Shaping MachineThe main cutting motion and the feed motion are hydraulically driven. Stepless speed adjustment and the hydraulic overload protection device are adopted. Therefore, the transmission is steady and reliable.
      This equipment has large cutting capacity, high rigidity, low oil temperature, small thermal deformation and stable accuracy.

The shaping machine is applied for planing the workpieces with flat surface, groove or other shaped surfaces by utilizing the plane cutter. It works following the principle that the cutter and the workpieces are relatively in straight reciprocating motion. Such a straight reciprocating motion is the primary motion for this planer, except which the auxiliary motion, also named as feed motion, is also necessary. The feed motion, in another word, refers to the intermittent motion of the working table or the plane cutter.

Specifically, this planer is capable of processing level surface, vertical surface, angular surface, curved surface, step surface, swallow-tail workpieces, T-type groove, V-type groove, etc. It is also usable for planning holes, gears and gear racks. The applicable range can be expanded if certain configurations are equipped.

The shaping machine is highly efficient in planing narrow but long surfaces. It especially suits the small and medium-scale production and maintenance shops.

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