Slotting Machine

    1. Mechanical Slotting MachineThe multi-plate clutch is applied for starting up and stop services. The ram is in reciprocating movement, which is realized via the crank shaper mechanism.
      The working table is configured with the longitudinal, lateral and rotary automatic feed mechanisms as well as the safety device.
    1. Hydraulic Slotting MachineThe working table is designed with three different feed modes, including longitudinal, lateral and rotary modes. Therefore, multiple sides of one-time clamped workpieces realize continuous processing.
      This equipment is designed with the hydraulic gear driving the reciprocating motion of ram, and also with the hydraulic feed unit.

The slotting machine is a machine tool used for processing key grooves and holes by utilizing the cutting tool in vertical to-and-pro movement. Generally, it fits single-piece or small-scale production, and consists of different types, including the common type, keyway type, gantry type, mobile type, etc.

For the common type, the ram together with the tool post is in up-and-down reciprocating movement, and the round working table equipped with workpieces is capable of longitudinal, lateral and rotary feed motion by means of upper and lower slide carriages.

The keyway slotting machine body is integrated with the working table. Same as the common type, the workpieces are also equipped to the working table. The cutter bar passing through the workpiece hole and extending upward, together with the cutter, is in up-and-down reciprocating movement and also in interrupted feed motion. This product is advanced in that the workpiece installation is not limited by the stand column, thus it is suitable for processing large-sized components with key grooves (like propellers).

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