Milling Machine

    1. Horizontal/Vertical Turret Milling MachineThe lifting table configured with a rectangular slideway has multiple contact surfaces and high stiffness. After high frequency treatment, fine grinding and plastic coating, the slideway is featured by splendid running precision and reliability.
    1. Knee Type Milling MachineThe K436B enables both vertical and horizontal milling functions. The vertical cutter head is a patented product inbuilt with a plug. It adopts three-axis automatic feeding system, featuring large torque and strong power. The three-axis slideway is treated with hardening.
    1. Universal Milling MachineOnce it is configured with the universal cutter head, round working table, the indexing head and other accessories, the working range will be tremendously expanded. With excellent stiffness, large power and strong working capacity, this equipment is built for high-speed
    1. Drilling and Milling MachineThis equipment is designed with multiple purposes, including boring, milling, drilling, grinding, tapping, etc.
      Some models are provided with the working table that can horizontally rotate for 45 degrees. Most models can realize longitudinally automatic feed.

Milling is a method for workpiece surface processing by using the cutter. The milling machine mainly used for metal cutting is capable processing the workpieces with flat surface. Other surface types as spiral groove and tooth profile are also available through using specially shaped cutters. Before processing, the workpieces should be fixed onto the operating platform or the indexing head. Then the cutter is in rotary cutting motion, assisted with the feed movement of operating platform.

We are a professional milling machine manufacturer, and our products are designed with various configurations, such as rocker, turret, etc. They have been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. By virtue of high product quality and well-deserved reputation, we constantly break new ground and absorb new technologies and concepts. Your satisfaction is always our serving purpose.

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