Metal Sheet Pressing/Punching/Rolling Equipment

    1. IronworkerThe ironworker is a machine tool integrating sheet metal cutting, punching, plate shearing, bending and other functions. Having the virtues of easy operation, low consumption and low maintenance cost
    1. CNC Turret Punch PressWith dependable performance, it is configured with automatic die choosing system, high-speed servo feed system and complete die types. The dedicated punching function and the automatic programming software are optionally available. Meanwhile, it enables automatic detection
    1. Press BrakeThe press brake is used for plate bending, mainly composed of the stand, operating platform and the champing piece. The operating platform supported by the stand is constructed by the base and the compression plate
    1. Plate Shearing MachineThe plate shearing machine is mainly comprised of two blades, one of which is relatively in reciprocal rectilinear motion to the other. With rational blade clearance, this equipment makes use of the upper and lower blades in motion to impose
    1. Section BenderIt enables one-time material loading, rolling and calibrating, widely applied to the petroleum, chemical engineering, hydroelectricity, shipbuilding, the machinery manufacturing and other industries.
      Two lower rollers of this section bender are used for driving.

Related Names
Metal Sheet Fabrication Equipment | Roll Bending Machine | Sheet Metal Punching Machine