Plate Shearing Machine

    1. QC11Y/K Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing MachineThe rectangular blade comes with 4 usable blade angles and has a long service life.
      The adjustment of blade angles complies with the indicator, fast and convenient.
      A beam alignment device is configured, which also can adjust the stroke of upper tool post in stepless mode.
    1. QC12Y/K Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing MachineA beam alignment device is adopted, which is also used to adjust the stroke of upper tool post in stepless mode.
      The fence-type safety protection device is configured.
      The dimension of back gauge and cutting times will be perfectly shown on the digital display screen.

The plate shearing machine is mainly comprised of two blades, one of which is relatively in reciprocal rectilinear motion to the other. With rational blade clearance, this equipment makes use of the upper and lower blades in motion to impose the cutting force to the metal plates of various thicknesses. Hence, the plates are fractured and detached as required.

As a kind of metal forming machinery, it is primarily applied in the metal processing industry, and also applicable for aviation, metallurgy, construction, ship, auto, electric power, electric appliance, decoration, chemical and light industries.

Our plate shearing machine can well ensure the straightness and parallelism of shear plane, and maximally avoids plate distortion to obtain high-quality workpieces. The upper and lower blades are respectively fixed to the tool post and the operating platform. The material supporting ball is installed on the platform so as to prevent the plates from being scratched during moving.

The back gauge is used for plate positioning, the location of which is controlled by motor. Thanks to the compressing cylinder for material compressing, the plates won’t readily move during cutting. The guardrail is a safety device in case of accident work injury. The cylinder return relies on the nitrogen and features high speed and small impact. Additionally, we also adopt the Delem CNC system of Netherlands.

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