Press Brake

    1. Hydraulic Press BrakeIt adopts hydraulic upper transmission and stepless voltage regulation, together with the high-quality imported sealing ring, to guarantee the working reliability.
      The synchronization is designed in compound compensation structure, which largely enhances
    1. Tandem hydraulic press brakeThis machine suits to process ultra-long workpieces. It is usually used for urban construction, automobile manufacturing and processing the light poles for expressways.
      The two sets of main engines are singly available for the duplex linkage CNC hydraulic press brake to improve the production efficiency.

The press brake is used for plate bending, mainly composed of the stand, operating platform and the champing piece. The operating platform supported by the stand is constructed by the base and the compression plate. The base connected to the champing piece by hinge consists of the case, coil and the cover plate. The coil is positioned inside the case which is covered by the cover plate.

During the operation, the coil will be powered on by the conducting wire and then produces the gravitation towards the compression plate, thus, the plate between the compression plate and the base is tightly clamped. As the electromagnetic force is applied, the compression plate is capable of processing various kinds of workpieces and workpieces with side wall.

Thanks to the easy operation, the press brake is extensively applied to the machinery, airplane, auto, electric appliance, ship, container, instrument, packing, stainless steel product, the decoration and many other industries.

Generally, this machine is classified into 3 types, i.e. the manual type, hydraulic type and the CNC type. The CNC system we adopt is introduced from Delem brand of Netherlands. In addition, the hydraulic type can be divided into 3 types based on the synchronization mode, including the torque-axle synchronous type, machine-hydraulic synchronous type and the electro-hydraulic synchronous type.

Structural Features
1. The press brake is made of the steel via welding, and has sufficient strength and rigidity.
2. It adopts the hydraulic upper transmission, and the cylinders at two ends of machine are mounted onto the slider to directly drive the sliding movement.
3. The torque-axle synchronous mechanism is applied to the slider.
4. The mechanical stop block works stably and reliably.
5. The slide stroke is maneuverable for rapid adjustment and manually operable for fine adjustment with counter display.
6. The inclined wedge-type deflection compensation mechanism is utilized for ensuring high bending accuracy.

Related Names
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