Pneumatic Power Press

    1. EMH21 Series C-frame Fixed Bolster Pneumatic PressesWith compact structure, this product is equipped with a longitudinally positioned crank shaft high frequency quenched and ground with fine smoothness, brightness and flexibility. The rectangular guide rail is lengthened in six sides and the oriented side is veneered with bronze plates
    1. EMH25 Series C-frame Two Point Pneumatic PressBy adopting dual crank shafts for reverse transmission, the ability of resisting unbalance loading is enhanced.
      The slider works with six sided rectangular guide rail which has excellent guiding performance and high precision.

1. Technology field

The pneumatic power press is used for punching various kinds of metal and nonmetal tubes and panels.

2. Machinery industry
It is very useful for stamping the hardware, metal, automobile parts, sheet metal parts, tensile parts and metal tensile parts.

3. Household articles
This machine is applied to the industries as electronic products, communication, electrical equipment, decorative lighting, playthings, cases, furniture, sports equipment, hardware of barbecue utensils, hardware of lamps, electronic hardware, equipment cabinets, cooking utensils, hinges, cotters, spring pins, locking pliers, packing materials, tags, films of mobile phone, gaskets, pads, aluminum parts, terminals, speaker grills, etc.

4. Road traffic
The pneumatic power press is also usable for transportation appliances, protective articles for autos as well as motorcycle or auto parts and accessories.

5. Office supplies
This product can be used for electric power cabinets, ATM equipment cases, air conditioner components, frames of printer and copier as well as various precise metal plates.

Under the existing technical background, the electric punching machine is extensively applied in the punching field of metal, nonmetal tubes and panels. However, it produces large noise and pollution to the environment, and due to the complicated structural components, it has high fabricating cost, high maintenance challenge, high maintenance coast and heavy weight. Besides, the operation is complex with high failure rate and potential risk.

By contrast, our pneumatic power press has fantastic performance in improving the working environment. Adopting the advanced photoelectric protection technology, it realizes substantial improvement in safety performance. Meanwhile, it enables unattended operation with the cooperation of automatic counting and programming. Thus, the production efficiency is greatly enhanced and the production cost is reduced.

How It Works
The pressure gas produced by the compressor is transported to the electromagnetic valve via pipelines. The operator adjusts the electromagnetic valve motion through the foot switch to control cylinder working and return and thereby to achieve the goal of punching. The pressure gas can be stored in the gas storage tank for convenient usage, so motor idling is avoided without energy waste.

By utilizing the cylinder and the electromagnetic valve respectively as the working part and the control element, the pneumatic power press is simplified in construction and has the merits of low failure rate, high safety, easy maintenance and high production efficiency. Through using the 220V power supply for controlling the electromagnetic valve, the operation is much easier and more convenient.

Remarkable Features
With simple structure and low production cost, this equipment adopts the advanced pneumatic technology, and saves more energy than the electric punching machine for one set of compressor can simultaneously serve multiple sets of pneumatic punching machines. In addition, it can be easily operated with high safety coefficient, and the foot switch allows for low failure rate and high production efficiency.

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