Mechanical Power Press

    1. EMM23 Series C-Frame Inclinable Mechanical PressesIt is the domestically first product replacing the sliding bearing (i.e. brasses) for transmission with the rolling bearing. After the change, the transmission gear is wear resistant and the large gear noise caused by worn brasses can be effectively avoided.
    1. EMM21 Series C-Frame Fixed Bolster Mechanical PressesThe EMZ21Z-125T, EMZ21Z-160T and the EMD21-200T are designed with dry-type friction clutch and the sudden stop of slider at any position is available. Meanwhile, single, inching or continuous operation modes can be achieved, which is beneficial to the die position adjustment at any time as well as processing accuracy improvement.
    1. EMS21 Series C-Frame Deep-Throat Fixed Bolster Mechanical PressesThe EMS21 series C-frame deep-throat fixed bolster mechanical press is highlighted by ultra deep throat which is four times more than that of the common product. It is mainly welded by steel plates, and features high strength, high rigidity, easy operation and maintenance as well as stable and reliable performance.
    1. EMH23 Series C-frame High Performance Inclinable PressesIt adopts the combined pneumatic friction clutch or brake and the whole machine is characterized by compact structure, steady transmission, flexible motion, convenient operation and low noise.
      With the cooperation of electric elements and the pneumatic control system, inching ...

The mechanical power press is primarily used to manufacture stamping parts by utilizing the punch or the hydraulic machine tool. The basic elements include punching power, male die, female die and the raw material (usually it is the sheet metal or the metal wire). Driven by the punching power, this machine leads the opening and closing of male and female dies, and then performs cutting, punching, stretching, shaping and other processing procedures. This series of performances also demonstrates the operating principle of this machine.

The mechanical power press, also known as the mechanical punching machine, works by utilizing the compressed air produced by the compressed air pump. This air enters the cylinder through the electromagnetic valve and leads to piston transmission, making the spindle move downwards. Thus, the punching force is formed and the workpiece is transformed as required. To facilitate the use, this machine is designed with the electric control section, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

Working Principle
This product design adheres to the principle of transforming circular motion to rectilinear motion. The main motor drives the flywheel which then puts the gear, bent axle (or eccentric gear), connecting rod and other components into motion through the clutch (This series of motions belongs to circular motion). In this way, the slider realizes rectilinear motion.

There should be a transition point of circular and rectilinear motions between the connecting rod and the slider. Generally, this point is designed as two mechanism types which are respectively the spheroidal type and the pin type (cylindrical). Through the mechanism, the circular motion is converted into the rectilinear motion.

The mechanical power press exerts pressure to produce the plastic deformation of material and thereby the material can possess the demanded shape and processing accuracy. For this reason, a pair of dies (upper die and lower die) is needed and the material should be put in the middle of two dies. Then, the machine will impose pressure on the dies to transform the material, the reactive force produced during which will be absorbed by the machine itself.

This punching machine is widely applied to the punching and forming of electronics, communication, computers, household appliances, furniture, vehicles and the components and parts of autos, motorcycles and bicycles.

1. High-strength frame
The mechanical power press comes with a high-rigidity and high-accuracy frame welded with steel plates. After the thermal treatment, the internal stress is eliminated and thus the equipment can withstand long-term operation with stability instead of deformation. Meanwhile, the structural parts bear the uniform load and possess balanced rigidity.

2. Stable high accuracy
After hardening and heat treatments, the key components like the bent axle, gear and the drive shaft are processed with grinding. Hence, they have strong abrasive resistance and long-term stable performances, and reach the requirement of high accuracy.

3. Reliable and safe operating performance
This product features easy operation and positioning accuracy for it adopts a clutch different from the traditional one. This clutch or brake is a combination device with high sensitivity, and with the cooperation of the duplex electromagnetic valve commonly used by the international high-end equipment and the overload protection device, the accuracy and safety of slider for high-speed motion and stop are effectively ensured.

4. Production automation and saving time and labor
The mechanical power press can be configured with the automatic feeding device which enables error detection, pre-cutting and pre-judging. Hence, automatic production is achievable with low cost and high efficiency.

5. Slider adjustment mechanism
The slider can be manually or electrically adjusted, which is reliable, safe and rapid with 0.1mm accuracy.

6. Novel and eco-friendly design
Through adopting the advanced technology and design concept from Japan and Taiwan, the mechanical power press is provided with low noise, small energy consumption and no pollution.

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