1. Single Cylinder Hydraulic IronworkerIt is highlighted by rational structure, featherweight, low noise and high reliability. The tool post comes with the integral design, configured with 4 or 5 stations for punching and shearing of angle steel, round steel, square steel and flat steel. In addition to die shearing of steel plates, shearing of U steel and I steel are also available due to the 5 stations.
    1. Mechanical IronworkerThe mechanical ironworker adopts the mechanical transmission, the frame of which is constructed by the cast steel and steel plates through welding. Thus, this machine possesses high strength and stiffness, capable of shearing, punching and die cutting of the square, round, U, I or angle steel.
    1. Double Cylinder Hydraulic IronworkerThe whole machine is configured with standard punching station, shearing station of U and angle steel, shearing station of thick plates, cutting-off station of round and square steel as well as chamfering station.
      Components for large hole punching, plate bending, U and structural steel punching
    1. Hydraulic Punching MachineThe hydraulic punching machine is used to punch the plate, angle steel, U steel and various kinds of structural steel, which also enables the bending of less than 500mm long plates. Specially designed with die-changing structure, it is able to rapidly change various dies. Through adopting hydraulic transmission, this product features low noise and high safety and reliability.

The ironworker is a machine tool integrating sheet metal cutting, punching, plate shearing, bending and other functions. Having the virtues of easy operation, low consumption and low maintenance cost, it is designed via the latest technology and with laser positioning function to better cater for market demands. Besides, it is configured with automatic press device and temperature control radiator, and has become the first choice for metal processing of modern manufacturing industries (such as the metallurgy, bridge, communication, electric power, military and other industries).

The ironworker is extensively applied in the following fields:
1. Steel structure
2. Lift car and components
3. Spare wheel, hinge, hook, pitching pile and corrugated board of trailer
4. Construction machinery industry: Belt conveyor and mixing plant
5. Farming and animal husbandry machinery industry: Thresher frame and components of trailer hopper
6. Food machinery industry: Slaughtering equipment frame and components
7. Components of high and low pressure tower
8. Wind power generation equipment: Stair and pedal components of wind power tower
9. Machine work: Embedded parts for connection, conveyor stand and other components
10. Cereal processing machinery: Grain and oil processing equipment, stand of starch-making equipment, housing, small fitting
11. Components of rail wagons, motor vehicles and cranes
12. Shearing, punching and bending of steel materials, such as the U steel, square steel, round steel, H steel, I steel, etc.

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