Riveting Machine

    1. Hand Operated Riveting MachineIt helps to improve the working environment instead of producing vibration and impact.
      The pressurized oil-air cylinder enables soft in-position for protecting the die from impact. This well ensures a long service life of die and also increases the qualification rate of products.
    1. Foot Pedal Operated Riveting MachineCombining the characteristics of it and the practical application situation, we apply the relay logic circuit control and the pure compressed air drive system to this equipment.
      It comes with the foot pedal for starting up. The hydraulic sensor well controls the press fitting quality and the returning of upper die. Meanwhile, the power stroke realizes self locking.

The riveting machine is used to process workpieces, free from clinch bolt connection and press fitting of bolts and nuts. It utilizes the punch and the dedicated connecting mold and imposes instantaneous high-pressure processing, during which the workpiece itself goes through cold extrusion deformation, and then an inlaid unstressed dot with certain tensile and shear strength is formed. Hence, two-layer or multi-layer workpieces of different materials and thicknesses are riveted together.

It is constructed by high-stiffness and high-strength integrated superior cast steel materials and has reserved the die installation space. It works without vibration or impact, which helps to improve the production environment to some extent. Besides, this riveting machine is designed with soft in-position function to protect the die from impacts, extend the die life and to improve the product quality.

1. The connection is solid and firm.
2. There is no raw material consumption and no need for auxiliary materials.
3. This equipment breaks the limitations of metal material and thickness.
4. Both round and rectangular connection points are obtainable.
5. The connection area comes with no thermal stress.
6. The protective layer on the workpiece surface won’t be damaged.
7. The riveting machine dispenses with preprocessing and post processing. Interlayer and multilayer connection is permissible.
8. It does not produce dusts, noise or toxic smokes. Thus, the working environment is healthy and clean.
9. This equipment is also featured by easy operation, low consumption and less maintenance cost.

The squeeze riveter is useful for air conditioners, air valves, vehicle roof windows, bumpers, exhaust pipes, oil tanks, brake housings, vehicle doors, instrument frames, engine supports and housings, cover plates of tailstock, coolers, seats, window lifters, silencers, refrigerator doors, housings of washing machine and fan, copier bases as well as the housings of electric appliances and communication products.

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