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Foot Pedal Operated Riveting Machine

1. The foot pedal operated riveting machine enables to rivet one workpiece at a time.
2. The die installation is realized by applying the EEC08 mechanism which also safely ensures the exact alignment of die.
3. This product is designed with integral cast steel structure featuring high rigidity, high strength and high quality to guarantee adequate die installation space.
4. As producing no vibration and impact, it can improve the working environment to a certain degree. The soft in-position function protects the die from impact, thus prolonging the die life and greatly increasing the product qualification rate.
5. Combining the characteristics of it and the practical application situation, we apply the relay logic circuit control and the pure compressed air drive system to this equipment.
6. It comes with the foot pedal for starting up. The hydraulic sensor well controls the press fitting quality and the returning of upper die. Meanwhile, the power stroke realizes self locking.
7. The solid cast construction of the foot pedal operated riveting machine safely guarantees the high accuracy of upper and lower dies during riveting. The 500mm throat depth makes it applicable for connecting various specifications of metal plates.

Technical Parameters
Type Riveter with pressurized oil-air cylinder
Model EEC08
Item No. 12051720
Item No. of pressurized oil-air cylinder 12045185
Total stroke 100mm
Power stroke 10mm
Maximum oil pressure 6 bar
Maximum output 76KN
Control system STE-01-F-08
Power supply 220V/60Hz
Power 50W
Rated minimum air pressure 3 bar (The equipment will work slowly when the air pressure is lower than 3 bar.)
Rated maximum air pressure 6 bar (The equipment will be damaged when the air pressure is higher than 6 bar.)
Set air pressure of gas spring 0.5bar (The equipment returning will be difficult when the air pressure is lower than it, and the output will be small when higher than it.)
Air source Dry and filtered compressed air is necessary.
Attention The compressed air must be treated with drying, or the equipment life would be shortened.
Ambient temperature -5°C-40°C without moisture condensation
Altitude ≤1200m
Relative humidity ≤85%

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