Pipe End Forming Machine

    1. Hydraulic Automatic Pipe End Forming MachineWith double-station configuration, this equipment enables twice tube narrowing processing at one time. On the other hand, with the support of linear guide rail, the operation is abrasion-free and the repeated processing features high quality.
      The hydraulic automatic pipe end forming machine can process various shapes of tubes
    1. Taper Pipe End Forming MachineItem: ZSG50NCB
      Maximum tube shrinking capacity (mm): Φ50×2
      One-time tube shrinking capacity (mm): 400
      Molding time: 7-30s per time

The pipe end forming machine is used for processing and forming tubes in normal state. It enables hole expanding, hole narrowing and tube shrinking, and it is able to process the tubes with complex end shapes.

1. It comes with three stations and the function of automatic die changing to ensure the processing accuracy.
2. Both manual and automatic operations are practicable. With NC control, Chinese touch screen display, human-machine interaction and automatic counting, this equipment is configured with chamfering die for one-time processing and chamfering.
3. By using different dies, crafts like hole expanding, hole narrowing, tube shrinking, bulging and reinforcement are feasible. Customers can choose manual, inching or automatic operation.
4. The pipe end forming machine is mainly comprised of the oil tank, main body, slider, master cylinder, limit cylinder, compaction cylinder, displacement cylinder, axial positioning cylinder and the axial positioning connector block.
5. Through installing the tubular throttle valve at the main cylinder circuit, the working speed of main cylinder is effectively adjusted. The stacked pilot operated check valve is mounted on the compaction cylinder circuit to ensure that the dies are tightly clamped.
6. The stacked double-directional throttle valve is fixed to the displacement cylinder, limit cylinder and the axial positioning cylinder to adjust the both-way movement speed of these cylinders.
7. The displacement cylinder and the limit cylinder work together for convenient and exact station shift, which also can ensure the tube processing quality.
8. The pipe end forming machine is extensively applied to tube connection as well as the joint part processing and forming of auto oil tubes, water tubes, air-conditioning tubes and so on.

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