Metal Cutting Circular Saw

    1. Manual/Semi-Automatic Pipe Cutting Circular SawIt adopts European-style high-strength cutter head and high-efficiency worm together with turbine drive, characterized by high sawing efficiency, no noise and no burr.
      Cutting feed is operated manually. The cutter head enables 45 degrees rotation both leftwards and rightwards.
    1. Aluminum Cutting Circular SawThis product is designed with a hidden blade for safe operation.
      It enables automatic oil injection and 45 degrees beveling without burrs. The toothed blade is extremely durable and sturdy.
    1. Hydraulic Semi-Automatic Pipe Cutting Circular SawIt is specially designed with multiple groups of gear drive for heavy-duty cutting with stable accuracy.
      With a sturdy and solid structure, the whole machine slightly vibrates during operation and has an ultra long life.
    1. Hydraulic Automatic Feed Pipe Cutting Circular SawDesigned in European style, the machine is driven by multiple groups of gears, suitable for heavy-duty cutting with stable accuracy.
      The floating feed system is delicately designed, and thereby the workpiece surface is free from damage and the feed accuracy is very high.
    1. Servo Feed Automatic Pipe Cutting Circular SawIt adopts servo driven feed mode, suitable for cutting short workpieces and the single workpiece. The function for simultaneously cutting multiple sizes of workpieces can be set.
      The vertical slideway allows for stable feed, which also can extend the life span of cutter and improve the cutting accuracy.

The metal cutting circular saw is mainly classified as three types, i.e. the common type, semi-automatic type and the automatic type. The automatic type can automatically perform a series of operation, including material clamping, tool feeding, material feeding, sizing, counting and halting as well as work measurement.

The metal cutting circular saw we provide adopts the PLC system introduced from Mitsubishi of Japan. The automatic feeding, clamping and cutting systems have high accuracy and efficiency. The material cutting can be performed for 10 to 20 times per minute. The counter enables the preset of cutting times, so the machine will automatically stop after reaching the preset value.

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