Pipe Bender

    1. EM Series Single Head Pipe BenderIt displays in English and comes with man-machine interaction. You can choose manual or semi-automatic operating mode.
      The mobile foot switch has both starting up and emergency stop functions.
    1. EB Series Single Head 3D Pipe BenderThe hydraulic, control, driving and display systems are imported from international brands with high reliability, accuracy and efficiency. Hence, this machine is capable of mass production and has achieved both international and domestic advanced levels.
    1. ED Series Double Head Pipe BenderThe human-machine touch screen displaying in English is convenient for operation. Both manual and semi-automatic operating modes are available.
      The movable foot switch combines the ability of starting up and emergency stop.
    1. CNC Pipe BenderThe Windows operating system is built in the industrial computer and cooperates with the servo system of Mitsubishi.
      This product enables automatic error and failure detections which will be displayed on the screen so that the operator can easily remove obstacles.
    1. CNC Pipe Push Bending MachineBoth staring up and emergency stop functions can be performed by the foot switch.
      We apply the advanced and reliable imported components to the hydraulic, control, drive and display systems, thus this equipment fits mass production and features high accuracy and efficiency. It has reached the advanced levels both at home and abroad.

The pipe bender is designed and manufactured based on the Taiwanese technology and also by means of continuously introducing advanced international technologies and management methods. It comes into being under the increasing market demands, including the industries as autos, ship building, boilers, furniture, electric power, fitness equipment, bicycles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, safe-guard doors and windows, etc. To perfect the processing, it usually works with the other equipment as the metal cutting circular saw, tube end forming machine, chamfering machine and so on so forth.

This equipment can be divided into many types, such as the automatic type, hydraulic type, double head type, CNC type, etc. The hydraulic pipe bender is mainly applied to power construction, road and railway construction as well as the pipeline laying and construction of boilers, bridges, ships, furniture and decoration. It features multiple functions, easy operation, convenient relocation, fast installation and other strengths.

In addition to tube bending function, this product also possesses an incomparable function, i.e., utilizing the oil cylinder as the hydraulic jack. Compared with the CNC tube bending machine, it is cheaper and more convenient for use, becoming a predominant product in domestic market. However, the CNC pipe bender enables cold-state tube bending with one bending radius (single mode) or two bending radiuses (double modes) through winding. It is widely used for tube or wire material bending in auto, air-conditioner and other industries.

The machinery system is primarily composed of dual hydraulic cylinder assembling unit, main body, clamping assembly, bending components as well as the winch. The main body is configured with tube bending die, turnplate, spindle and other main parts. Tube clamping is realized by applying the clamping cylinder and the clamping screw. The bending components are fixed by the spindle and turn with the rotation of tube bending die. Hence, the tube is successfully bent under the cooperation of these key components.

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