Lathe & CNC Center

    1. Gap-bed LatheAs the toothed wheels are ground precisely, the whole machine features low noise.
      The complete system possesses excellent rigidity and high accuracy.
      With no need for replacing the change gear, this product is capable of processing 89 kinds of threads
    1. Horizontal LatheWith a short transmission chain, the machine tool is highly accurate in gear transmission. The whole machine runs steadily with very small noise.
      Inside the carriage, an overload protector is installed, and the carriage is configured with a fast forward and fast backward mechanism.
    1. CNC LatheThe precise end-toothed disc or gang tool is adopted for positioning, which features high accuracy in repositioning.
      The chuck is provided in electric, hydraulic and manual types. The tailstock is either manually or hydraulically operated.
    1. CNC Vertical LatheBy using this equipment, the workpiece has excellent facing performance and machining accuracy, and is almost in round shape. Meanwhile, procedures like material feeding, blanking and clamping are easier.
      The rotating tool post moves along longitudinal and transverse guideways on the carriage.
    1. Multifunction CNC LatheThis product adopts Mitsubishi or Fanuc numerical control system and servo motor of Japan.
      It uses the 12-station hydraulic tool post from Liuxin of Taiwan, and chooses tools at the nearest position and only needs 0.3 second for tool changing.
    1. Vertical Machining CenterThe taper hole of spindle is configured with an air-blowing device for cleaning.
      The high-stiffness guideways equipped on X, Y and Z directions have strong resistance to vibration and impact, and suit heavy-duty cutting and fine finishing.
    1. Horizontal Machining CenterThis product adopts the gear box with large torque. The spindle motor performs with two-stage gearing and automatically switches between two gearing modes. The speed change of each gearing mode is stepless, which largely increases the torque of low speed operation.
    1. 5 Axis Machining CenterIt adopts the imported, highly precise dual-spindle indexing plate and realizes five-axis linkage function via CNC system.
      The feed in Y direction is achieved by making use of 3 sets of linear slideway.

Covering an area of nearly 370,000 square meters, our company owns a complete set of production line, including the equipment of smithing, metalworking, thermal treatment, sheetmetal and assembly. Our annual sales reach up to 1.2 billion CNY.

The lathe is a machine tool that rotates the workpiece agasint the turning tool for machining work. It can make use of the drill, reamer, rymer, screw tap, screw die, and the knurling tool for corresponding processing. Mainly applied to process the workpieces with circular cross section as axles, discs, covers, etc., this product has the widest application range for the industry of machine manufacturing and fitting.

With the main motion of workpiece rotation and the feed motion of tool, the lathe is applicable for processing workpieces with internal and external cylindrical surfaces, internal and external conical surfaces, internal and external threads as well as end faces, grooves and knurling. It is the most widely used one that also has the longest production history and the most varieties among all the metal-cutting machine tools.

The CNC center refers to the numerical control machine tool with multiple functions. It is one of the numerical control machine tools that have the highest output and the widest application space. It integrates milling, boring, drilling, tapping, thread cutting and other functions. The tool magazine stores various cutters or gauges which are automatically selected and used under the aid of programming during processing.

This product is also highlighted by strong comprehensive processing capacity. It enables many machining procedures with high accuracy after the workpieces are clamped. For workpieces in batches with medium processing difficulty, its efficiency is 5 to 10 times higher than that of the common equipment. Particularly, it is capable of processing that the common equipment cannot complete.

Generally, it is more suitable for processing the single workpiece with complex shape and high accuracy requirement, or for workpieces needing multiple processing crafts and in small and medium volumes. Correspondingly, using it will save a lot of time and cost for developing new products and product updating and remodeling, and also makes companies more competitive.

The standard control system of this CNC center is Fanuc system. Fanuc of Japan is the world famous and largest professional manufacturer of numerical control devices, robots and intelligent equipment. Among all the superb products, the CNC products possess the highest global market share and the global market share of robots stays in the top three.

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