Band Saw

    1. Automatic Double-column Band SawIt enables both manual and automatic operation as well as emergency stop. It comes with functions as hydraulic feeding, stepless speed regulating, hydraulic clamping, automatic stop and auto-shutdown protection.
      The human-machine interface replaces the traditional control panel with numerical control
    1. Semi-automatic Double-column Band SawThanks to the adoption of dual oil cylinders, this products works steadily with high cutting accuracy.
      It is designed with a large machine tool and two sets of vise respectively at the font and back parts. Tight clamping is hydraulically driven.
    1. Rotary Table Band SawThis equipment is constructed by the U-steel, H-steel, profiled bar, round steel, hollow pipe, panel and other metallic materials, featuring compact structure, reasonable distribution, easy operation and simple maintenance.
      The cutting speed is hydraulically controlled.
    1. Scissor Action Horizontal Band SawThe guiding head of the blade is constructed by rolling bearing and hard alloy, which greatly extends the blade service life.
      Due to fast feed speed, convenient cutting switch is realized and thereby the working efficiency is largely improved.
    1. Vertical Band SawThe vertical band saw is mainly used to cut mold bases, panel bases and steel materials with medium thickness. With narrow curf, it saves materials and energy, and has high cutting accuracy and efficiency. You will also feel satisfied with its operating easiness.

The band saw is mainly applied to the carbon structural steel, low-alloy steel dual clamp butterfly valve, high-alloy steel, special alloy steel, stainless steel, acid-resisting steel and many other types of metal materials.

Generally, it is divided into horizontal and vertical types based on the structure. The former also can be classified into the shear type, dual-column type and the single-column type. This is really a hi-tech product with efficient energy saving effect, reasonable structure and stable quality. These merits endow it unlimited application space in cutting the ferrous, non-ferrous metal, plastics and non-metallic materials.

With tools like blade, this band saw has stunning performance in cutting round, square and tubular metal materials as well as metal profiles. Due to the inferior working accuracy, it is commonly used in workshops preparing materials for cutting off various rod materials, tube and other structural sections.

The blade is geared by drive and driven wheels, and the cutting direction is regulated by the control rack of guide rail. After aligning the blade via adjusting the rotational bearing, the swarf on the blade will be removed by the motorized cleaning brush. The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder props up the decline of guide rail control rack for downfeed and cutting off workpiece. This bandsaw is also configured with manual or hydraulic cylinder latch mechanism, hydraulic operated valve switch and other useful components.

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