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Automatic Pipe Punching Line

The automatic pipe punching line suits for punching round, oval, square, rectangular and other shapes of tubes. It wonderfully serves an extensive range of industries, such as guardrail, goods shelf, aviation, transportation, furniture, refrigeration and air-conditioning, sports apparatus, auto, bike, leisure product, machinery accessories, etc.

It is primarily highlighted by TFT man-machine interface display, touch control screen, numerical control, servo motor, accurate positioning dimension as well as excellent modular storage and memory function. In addition, this product enables to punch holes with various shapes and specifications by means of changing moulds.

Structure and Operating Function
The automatic pipe punching line adopts solid composite construction, incorporated with sturdy and durable components. It works with inching and automatic functions.

Hydraulic System
1. The working pressure has achieved stepless adjustment. The differential hydraulic circuit matching with the oil pump of low frequency and less pole pairs can tremendously reduce the noise and thereby enhance the efficacy and life span of motor.
2. The descent speed of cylinder gradually slows down from the initial fast speed. Through high-speed descent, low-speed transformation and high-speed backing up, the workpiece is stably and solidly molded during punching.
3. The electronic control system is designed with human-computer interface. The distance is measured by ruler, and the low-speed and lower limit positions are set. All these favorable conditions contribute to the simpler, easier and more exact operation of automatic pipe punching line.
4. The cylinder stroke is 150mm (set value is available) and the throat depth is 600mm. The die holder can be adjusted within 150mm forwards and backwards. The applied German-made ruler features high precision.

Feed Mechanisms
1. Automatic feed mechanism
By applying this mechanism, one worker is enough for two working lines under the condition that the tube has regular specifications and there is no misoperation. It only needs about one minute to finish the punching of one tube.
2. Manual feed mechanism
If the tube has regular specifications and there is no misoperation, two workers should respectively operate two lines and it needs about over five minutes to complete the punching of one tube by adopting this feed mode.

Product Features
1. Monoline and double-line linear punching modes are optional.
2. Under variable spacing mode, 360-degree rotational punching in six different directions is available for each spaced hole, thus the rotation angles are quite different.
3. This automatic pipe punching line also enables cylinder pushing function (pushing feed). For example, if there should be six holes on a one meter long workpiece and the sixth hole is beyond the maximum feed limit of the feed drive servo motor, the pushing feed function must be applied. In other words, once the distance between the hole and the tube end is less than 60mm, the cylinder pushing function must be performed.
4. This product is designed with manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation modes.
5. We adopt the analog LCD industrial grade touch screen as the human-machine interface screen. Soft finger touch on it will achieve the wanted operation.
6. Single-hole punching is obtainable, and once the fixed spacing is set, multi-hole punching can be realized.
7. This automatic pipe punching line has obtained the national patent.

Technical Parameters
Item Monoline linear punching (without additional function) Monoline linear punching (with 360-degree rotation) Monoline linear punching (with cylinder pushing function) Double-line linear punching (without additional function) Double-line linear punching (with 360-degree rotation) Double-line linear punching (with cylinder pushing function) Double-line linear punching (with 360-degree rotation and cylinder pushing function)
Workable structural section Round, square, rectangular, oval and irregular shaped tubes as well as holes of various shapes (according to the specific drawing requirements)
Workable material Iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc.
Workable hole diameter and thickness Φ 50 ×τ 3, Φ 16 ×τ 11mm
Tube diameter Round tube Φ 16-Φ 120mm
Square tube 20 × 20-75 × 75mm
Rectangular tube 15 × 30-60 × 120mm
Angle iron 30 × 30-75 × 75mm
U-iron 25 × 50-60 × 120mm
Standard working length 3500mm /6000mm
Maximum feed speed of servo system 50000mm/min.
Processing category Single-hole punching, equal and unequally spaced hole punching, 36-degree rotational hole punching
Configuration Table for Linear Punching
Key Components Introduction Brand and Place of Origin
Contrl system TET human-computer interface display Delta of Taiwan
TFT display screen Touch control screen Delta of Taiwan
Travel switch Button and travel switch Schneider, Chint, Delixi
Motor 7.5HP, 6P, 380V, 50Hz Qunce of Taiwan
Servo system Hongquan of Taiwan or Delta of Taiwan
Oil tube, connector Multilayer high-quality hydraulic oil tube Kenxin of Taiwan
Oil circuit system Zhilin of Taiwan
pneumatic element Delixi
Gear reducer VGM of Taiwan
LWH150 displacement ruler Novo of German
Linear guide ABBA of Taiwan
Handpiece, servo motor rack, material of oil tank, oil scavenger pump Made in China
Die material SKD11 Japan
CR12 Made in China

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