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PU Foam Machine

The PU foam machine is the special-purpose equipment that can produce uniform and qualified PU foam products on condition that the properties of PU ingredients (isocyanate and polyether polyol constituents) meet up with corresponding formula requirements. Superb foamed plastics are obtained after the chemical reaction of isocyanate and polyether polyol constituents together with multiple chemical additives like the foaming agent, catalyst and the emulgator.

This equipment is very useful for industries as automotive upholstery, spray finishing of thermal insulation wall, utilidor manufacturing, seat foam manufacturing of bicycle and motorcycle, shoemaking and insulation work. It is also applicable for factories manufacturing PU panels, auto ornaments, filters, toys, artwares, elastomers and sealing elements.

The PU foam machine is a hi-tech product independently and innovatively developed by means of following the lead of international high-end technical products and combining the domestic application situation of PU industry. All the key components are imported from famous foreign brands, and the technical and unfailing performances reach the world advanced level of synchronous and congeneric products.

This PU foam machine and our elastomer casting machine are provided with various models, which also can be customized according to your requirements. Besides, the German metering pump and the Siemens motor can be configured upon your choice.

Models and Applications
Model Type Application
EMM078 Two-component PU high-pressure foaming machine Seat cushion, pillow, steering wheel, bumper, deflector, instrument board and visor of auto, seat cushion of bicycle and motorcycle, thermal insulation material, refrigerator, refrigerator car, roof thermal baffle, seat cushion, office chair, armrest, etc.
EMM079 Two-component PU high-pressure foaming machine This product is specially designed and manufactured for hard foam products of low density and small and medium flow (such as small foam boards, insulation barrels, small thermal-insulation insulated containers, etc.).
EMM080 Two-component continuous high-pressure foaming machine PU/PF foaming panel and thermal insulation industries
EMM081 Double-color double-density high-pressure foaming machine Automotive upholstery and exterior accessories
Integral skin foam as well as soft and hard foam of furniture industry
Special parts for workmanship
EMM082 Cyclopentane high-pressure foaming machine Thermal barrier of household refrigerators, solar energy industry, fluoride-free foam for sandwich panels in building material industry
EMM083 Two-component PU low-pressure foaming machine Steering wheel, auto seat cushion, upholstery, panel, toy, fitness equipment, thermal insulation product, antique and wood-like furniture, etc.
EMM084 Three-component PU low-pressure foaming machine Thermal insulation product (like vacuum cup, thermal insulation panel, etc.), steering wheel, auto seat cushion, upholstery, panel, PU toy, fitness equipment
EMM085 Micro PU low-pressure foaming machine Auto filter, thermal insulation product, upholstery, toy, fitness equipment, lab of company or school, etc.
EMM086 Automatic PU casting system  
EMM087 Two-component elastomer casting machine This product is suitable for TDI and MDI systems and PU elastomer products which take MOCA and other substances as the chain extender.
EMM088 Three-component elastomer casting machine It is applicable for PU elastomer products as TDI, MDI and MDQ systems which regard MOCA, BDO and other substances as the chain extender.
EMM089 Three-component PU elastomer rotational casting machine PU rubber roller, protective shell of pipeline, etc.
EMM090 Two-component elastomer casting machine This product is useful for TDI and MDI systems and PU elastomer products which take MOCA, BDO and other substances as the chain extender.
EMM091 Three-component elastomer casting machine For PU elastomer products as TDI, MDI and MDQ systems which regard MOCA, BDO and other substances as the chain extender, this product is very helpful.
EMM092 Color paste addable elastomer casting machine It suits casted PU elastomer products like TDI, MDI and MDQ systems.
EMM093 Monomer nylon casting machine  
EMM094 Elastomer microscale casting machine Shoe material, mouse mat, golf ball, PU wheel, tag and label, electronic potting material, etc.
EMM095 Mesothermal elastomer casting machine Skateboard wheel, mouse mat, non-slip mat, anti-vibration pad
EMM096 Sealing strip forming machine Sealing strips of industrial distribution box, lamps, auto interior and exterior ornament and engine
EMM097 Filter cartridge end cover forming machine Air filter of auto, industrial filter
EMM098 Three-leaf quantitative mixing machine  
EMM099 Multifunctional PU synthetic reaction kettle 1. It can be applied to the mass production of commercial polyurethane prepolymer whose varieties include TDI type, MDI type and other types.
2. It is used for synthetic production of PU rubber and other high viscosity PU products.
3. It is also available for dewatering and mixing of raw materials.
EMM100 PU sole/upper-joint forming machine This product can be used to produce various kinds of dual color or single color PU soles and upper materials of shoes.
EMM101 Laminating machine  

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